Top Recommendations for Discovering the Best of Bocas

recommendationsWelcome to our little slice of paradise! We hope you let us help you experience the wonders of the underwater world. The ideal way to explore any dive site is by having a guide who is familiar with the location. Our guides are expert in finding the most beautiful spots, the most interesting wildlife, and the most magnificent coral clusters. Let us know what interests you most, and we will lead you to it!

Top Ten Bocas Dive Shop staff recommendations for the most dynamic diving experience:

1.  Relax! – take things slowly while you dive. Keep in mind you’re a stranger with plenty of bubbles within the underwater world. More fish will hang around you if you are relaxed.

2.  Be Respectful – you are in the living space of the fish, turtles and other marine life, so please don’t disturb the natural environment, and refrain from kicking up sand.  It will help to do so by practicing your buoyancy and boosting your confidence.  Try to leave about 3 feet of space between you and the ocean’s residents.

3.  Don’t Touch – please don’t poke, push or frighten the fish, marine life, or coral.  This can be dangerous to their health (and sometimes to your health as well).

4.  Offer Space – at all times enable the marine life a clear exit route. You and your dive partner or group should keep to one side.  Never surround whatever you’re looking at. If the fish feel safe, they will stay around longer to enhance your experience.

5.  Keep Your Food Out Of the Water – please don’t feed the fish, aside from this being harmful to the natural environment, you can’t observe the natural behavior of fish if they’re simply being attracted to scuba divers for the food.

6.  Don’t Rush – move along slowly in the water and focus on the seascape surrounding you. It will help your navigation skills, and provide you with time to truly take notice of the smaller creatures. As a result, initially frightened fish may possibly pop back out or perhaps return to take a closer look at you.

7.  Gauges and Gear – be comfortable with all the gear before getting in the water.  It’s very important to have a routine for checking your gauges. Routines can help so you don’t waste time and aren’t distracted underwater while fiddling with your equipment.  The top equipment designers on the planet can’t make a gauge better looking then what you’ll see around you!

8. Be Kind to Yourself – we’ve noticed that divers who prepare themselves with a good night’s sleep and plenty of hydration the night before diving have a much better time than those who don’t.  We also recommend only light consumption of alcohol on the evening before a dive.

9.  Share – stay with your partner during the dive. Before the dive talk with your partner about the types of marine life that you’re both interested in.  Take the time to point out any interesting things you have discovered. 4 eyes are better than 2.

10. Above all, ENJOY YOURSELF!