BDC exclusive new dive site

Until recently, one of the first things visitors saw when flying into Bocas was an old rusted airplane. As scuba divers, we saw what a cool wreck it could be and started investigating. It turned out to be the fuselage of a British Aerospace 3101 Jetstream that had veered off the runway (no one was hurt, except the plane). We bought it, towed it home, scrubbed it up and sank it off our pier.

We named it MayDay, and it blew us away how quickly nature took over. Colorful corals and sponges set up shop there and attracted Bluehead Wrasse, Barred Hamlet, and a baby Moray eel. Lionfish and Jacks cruise through the plane and you can see starfish nearby in the sand. Octopi hang out there, too.

This broken old bird now teems with life, and she is solely for the benefit of our clients and guests. We use Mayday to teach wreck diving, night diving, technical driving, Nitrox, and sidemount diving. It’s awesome for fun dives and snorkeling, too!

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