Tec Diving Camp – April 2017

Bocas Dive Center is pleased to announce that Jeff Loflin will present a week of  Tech seminars on sidemount diving and other topics, during April 10 to 20 at Bocas Dive Center.  You will be fascinated by Jeff’s account of how sidemount diving first originated in Cave Diving, then progressed into Technical Open Water Diving and is now making its way into the recreational scuba diving community.  Jeff has developed an accredited course, recognized by the major certification agencies, for the application of Sidemount Diving in Recreational Open Water Diving. The September Tech Week will have the following seminars:

  • April 10 – Class Tec sidemount
  • April 11 – Tec sidemount
  • April 12 – Class Tec 40
  • April 13 – Class Tec 40
  • April 14 – Class Tec 45
  • April 15 – Class Tec 45
  • April 16 – Class Tec Instructor
  • April 17 – N/C class in morning Tec Instructor
  • April 18 – Tec 50
  • April 19 – Tec 50

This is a great opportunity to see Jeff Loflin in person and learn all about the advantages of Sidemount diving. Register by Clicking Here. 

Jeff Loflin is the Technical Diver’s Technical Diver. He is a PADI and DSAT Course Director and can teach all technical classes from Tec 1 to Trimix along with all of the accompanying instructor level programs.  Jeff has close to 30 years of Instructor experience and certifies through PADI, DSAT, NSS-CDS, TDI, SDI, ERDI AND IANTD.  He is a certified repair technician, an adjunct faculty member with the University of Tampa and a certified bridge inspector with the Florida Department of Transportation. Jeff has literally written the book on Sidemount Diving.  See more of Jeff and the courses he offers at http://www.JeffLoflin.com

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